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Haii guys :) ..Boring ? Let’s join our contests and give it a try ..

We’ll give you guys awesome prizes. 
If you have any doubt about anythings you can ask us at FB , BLOGGER AND E-MAIL.(kpopsyok@yahoo.com)

You guys don’t have to claim your prize (if you win)we’ll send it strait to your house ..
You guys just have to follow the instructions given at  each contests :)

First Contest
[new year contest]

How to participate:

it as easy as ABC(don't believe it ?check our instruction)

-like our official page in Facebook (KpopSyok)/Follow our Blog
-upload your photo with any kpop stuff 
  such as kpop album, magazine,idols' pic or anything else    
 related to kpop.
-state 5 reasons why u love Kpop.
-tag us :)

-2011 calendar with KPOP IDOLS pic :)(click on picture to enlarge)

Closing date:
25th JANUARY 2011

*only 5 winners will be selected.
Hurry up now !!

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