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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2PM have a large and new room

The boys of 2PM will finally get their own rooms, as it was reported that the group has recently moved to a large villa near their agency in Seoul Cheongdamdong.
The villa they are reported to be moving to has six rooms, one for each member, and the members are said to have paid for the rent equally.
Prior to this arrangement, the members shared rooms and lived in their dorms with only three rooms between them. However, although 2PM does not have reason to live together anymore, as they have enough money to live in their own place, they are continuing to live in a dorm setup, saying, “I don’t want to be away from my close members“.
The members reportedly said that in their old environment, two or three members slept in the same room, and that created situations which were unbearably uncomfortable. However, they are very happy at the fact that they are now each getting their own rooms.
A representative from JYP Entertainment said, “The members don’t go home when told to return to their dorm. When they don’t have a schedule, they just stay in their dorm or come to the office and play around. They don’t really know how to go to bars or places like that, so sometimes they ask the office staff to buy them a drink. There is a sake bar near their dorm, so that’s where they all go sometimes. The members are very close, so they only hang out by themselves“.
Source: allkpop

see how uri wooyoung pose..soo cute (>.<)


Lee Seung Gi:Love Taught Me To Drink @ Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate Encore.1...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Milky Couple

2PM’s Wooyoung recently surprised IU by pretending to be a fan of hers on the phone!
When IU guested on the radio program, “Lee Soo Young’s Music Show“, she took a call from a very avid ‘fan’. Wooyoung pretended to be a boy from Busan who idolizes IU; consequently, when he first ‘learned’ that he was talking to IU, he kept saying, “Am I talking with IU? Is this really IU???
Wooyoung pulled out his acting skills to make his voice sound really shocked and nervous. When Lee Soo Young asked the fan why he liked IU, he replied “There’s no specific reason“. He said that all of his friends liked her, and loved seeing her on “Dream High“. Hilariously, he also told her not to talk to ‘Jason’ anymore because he’s “a bad person“.
The fan revealed himself to be an ‘aspiring singer from Busan’, and he wanted to sing a song for IU. He belted out the chorus from 2PM’s “Again & Again“, as IU listened on with amazement. Lee Soo Young was quick to pick up Wooyoung’s voice, and scolded, “Wooyoung, please stop!”, but IU remained clueless, even commenting that he sounded like either Wooyoung or Junsu.
When Wooyoung finally admitted his identity, IU was shocked and couldn’t hold back her laughter. Afterwards, she grabbed a sheet of paper to fan her face, and said that she couldn’t believe it was really Wooyoung. The two asked each other why they both haven’t been keeping in touch, and Wooyoung revealed that he was busy promoting in Japan.
Near the end, he commented that he listens to IU every night before he goes to sleep and requested IU’s song, “Slowly Slowly“.


Monday, March 7, 2011

SUPER JUNIOR's HEECHUL injured at Super Show 3 Shanghai :(

On March 5th, Super Junior held their “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai,
 but unfortunately, they were exposed to another incident
 where a member was injured by a fan.
Last time, member Yesung was hit by a projectile as he was crossing the stage..
this time, it was Heechul who got hurt, as a fan’s placard hit him
in the face while he was in the midst of performing.
After being hit, Heechul was forced to briefly pause and cover his face,
but eventually walked off stage without being able to lift his face.
There were reports that he suffered a cut to his eye,
but both Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and miss A’s Jia
assured fans that he was okay.
Sangchu tweeted, “Super Junior fans!  I just got off the phone with Heechul and he said not to worry, it’s a bit manly to have at least one cut on his face.  He may say that, but I think he’s upset and having a difficult time… Please don’t throw anything on stage!  Heechul’s Twitter said not to.”


*i feel like crying watching this video.i'm so sad.and i hate the stupid fans who throw the board.idk why but i wanna slap that fans!!!

~admin faa

Sunday, March 6, 2011

pretty girl with KIM SOO HYUN ?

A few days back, netizens discovered an old photo of Kim Soo Hyun dressed up as a girl. The topic came up during his interview with KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date” on March 5th.
The interviewer had asked him about the above picture, to which the actor responded, “I put on a wig one day and got greedy. When I put on the wig, I wanted to be pretty. I took a picture and made sure I opened my eyes a little wider.”
He also added that he photoshopped the picture, and then chuckled over the whole thing.


Silly selcas?

Now that “Dream High” is done, Suzy has returned to her miss A groupmates.
Fellow member Jia uploaded a picture of the two on March 5th and tweeted“It’s been a while since I’ve taken a photo with Suzy and now I did~ I really missed you. Our hairstyles are the same.”
Suzy probably wasn’t able to hang out with miss A because of her drama schedule, but now she’ll get to kick back and relax with them.
You can’t see their faces, but it’s quite easy to tell they’re happy to be reunited. Aren’t their silly hairstyles adorable?
Source: Newsen

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