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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2PM have a large and new room

The boys of 2PM will finally get their own rooms, as it was reported that the group has recently moved to a large villa near their agency in Seoul Cheongdamdong.
The villa they are reported to be moving to has six rooms, one for each member, and the members are said to have paid for the rent equally.
Prior to this arrangement, the members shared rooms and lived in their dorms with only three rooms between them. However, although 2PM does not have reason to live together anymore, as they have enough money to live in their own place, they are continuing to live in a dorm setup, saying, “I don’t want to be away from my close members“.
The members reportedly said that in their old environment, two or three members slept in the same room, and that created situations which were unbearably uncomfortable. However, they are very happy at the fact that they are now each getting their own rooms.
A representative from JYP Entertainment said, “The members don’t go home when told to return to their dorm. When they don’t have a schedule, they just stay in their dorm or come to the office and play around. They don’t really know how to go to bars or places like that, so sometimes they ask the office staff to buy them a drink. There is a sake bar near their dorm, so that’s where they all go sometimes. The members are very close, so they only hang out by themselves“.
Source: allkpop

see how uri wooyoung pose..soo cute (>.<)


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