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Monday, December 27, 2010

AFTER SCHOOL's Kahi ran away from home?

After School’s Kahi shared her experience running away from home when she was younger.
On the December 26th episode of SBS’s ‘Heroes‘, Kahi stated,
I also have experience running away from home.”
The ‘Heroes’ members, who were acting as counselors for lucky students at one high school,
were asked many questions. One male student, while speaking with Kahi,
 asked her how he should repent for worrying his parents by running away from home.

Kahi then admitted, I am also someone who had run away from home before.
 I rebelled against my father in order to follow the career I wanted. It was bad.”
She gave the boy some earnest advice based on her own experience, saying,
“I told my father, ‘Please trust me’. I hope you try to act responsible
 and study hard to show your parents good grades.

~admin Faa

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