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Saturday, December 25, 2010

T-ARA's HYOMIN found her first love

On a recent recording of MBC’s ‘Bouquet’,
 T-ara’s Hyomin told a story of how she found her first love.
Hyomin revealed that she met her first love through an online game
 when she was in sixth grade.

 That player ended up being a boy who was from the class next door!
One day, the boy gave Hyomin an in-game wedding dress.
Hyomin was so ecstatic that she stayed up all night to earn cyber money
and buy him a tuxedo in return.
Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get him the tuxedo she wanted
 because she couldn’t earn enough.
The studio burst into laughter over this cute tale,
but as the last chuckle died down,
 the hosts became curious over the romance’s fate.
Hyomin expressed her disappointment in not being able
 to talk to him again after that first meet,
 but said that she would like to meet him once more.

The full episode will air on December 26th.
Woahh,who's the LUCKY man?

~admin *Faa

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