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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Khuntoria Couple Spend their first Christmas together

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2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria unintentionally parodied a scene from the drama “Secret Garden” on this week’s “We Got Married“!
The two visited a cafe in order to celebrate the Christmas holiday, where Victoria ordered a cappuccino and accidentally gets some of the foam on her upper lip, exactly like Ha Ji Won in the famous ‘foam kiss’ scene in the drama.
The MCs in the studio immediately began expressing their excitement over what would happen next (overflowing adrenaline from the Adam couple cut earlier), but instead of the much anticipated kiss, Nichkhun opts for the tissue and wipes Victoria’s mouth, much to the disappointment of many.

Nichkhun also presented Victoria with a CD containing the songs “I’m In Love” and “I Can’t,” both of which he personally sang and recorded.
He shyly asked, “Even though I haven’t been able to sing the songs much, I hope you’ll listen to them.” Victoria responded, “Thank you,” with a laugh.
After looking over the CD, Victoria suggested that he write her a handwritten letter on the back. Nichkhun readily agreed and began writing his letter with much care, stressing over the way his Korean characters looked. Upon completion, he shyly handed back the CD while stating, “It looks a bit weird.” Understandingly, Victoria reasoned, “It’s okay, we’re foreigners.
Despite Nichkhun asking her to read it later, Victoria began reading it on the spot much to Nichkhun’s embarrassment. 

Nichkhun wrote, “I’m glad to be able to spend Christmas with Victoria this year. Even though we weren’t able to spend it together on the actual day, I’m so, so, so, so, happy that you are in my heart.
Touched, Victoria blew onto a window and wrote, “I like Nichkhun so much.”
In the black room interview, Nichkhun revealed, “Before, all I did was sleep after the end of our year-end performances, but I want to do something more with Victoria this year.
Source: TV DailyNewsen allkpop

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and yeah happy new year guys


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