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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Victoria transforms into a beautiful magician’s assistant

f(x)’s Victoria embarked on a stunning transformation as an assistant for popular magician, Choi Hyun Woo.
The two teamed up for SBS’s Lunar New Year special, ‘Star Couple Challenge Cup‘ to deliver an astounding magic show. Choi Hyun Woo performed a trick that seemed to teleport Victoria from one location to another. Panelists who’ve never seen the magician’s act before were floored, as they blurted out  ”Is this even possible?” and “This doesn’t even make sense.”
The duo then moved onto their next trick, in which the sun illustrated in a children’s storybook that Victoria was reading from gradually disappeared, causing the audience to rub their eyes in amazement.
The “Star Couple Challenge Cup” will air on February 3rd, so be sure to check back with allkpop!
Source: Newsen


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