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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lee Teuk explains why Siwon stands in the center for Super Junior

On February 1st, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and revealed the secrets behind how each member is positioned.
He explained that member Siwon was in centre for a very important reason. “When Siwon stands in the center, it gives the illusion that all Super Junior members look handsome.”
MC Kang Ho Dong then asked Shindong whether he’d like to stand center, to which he replied, “When I saw Jung Won Kwan of ‘Fire Truck,’ I realized that first impressions are very important.  If I stood in the center, Super Junior would just turn into a ‘fat group.’”
Lee Teuk added, “The center isn’t always the best position though.  In album jacket photos, because we have 13 members, the center stands where the jacket folds.  Centers are positioned well in groups with only five to six members, but not in big groups like us.”
Doojoon, the leader of six member group B2ST, gave his own opinion by expressing, “Our choreographer positions us so that such concerns don’t arise. In our choreography, we stand in a circle without any center, so that every mother could spot their son.”
Source + Photos: TV Report via Daum'


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