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Thursday, February 10, 2011

rumors for couple list 'WGM' new season

1.ChanSung (2PM) and Joo Yeon (After School)
2.WooYoung (2PM) and Nana (After School)
3.CheonDung (MBLAQ) and Yuri (SNSD)
4.GiKwang (BEAST) and Yoona (SNSD)
5.Eli (U-Kiss) and Hara (KARA)
6.YoSeob (BEAST) and Jiyeon (T-ara)
7.Dong Woon (BEAST) and Chris Ho
8.DongHae (SJ) and Sandara (2NE1)
9.Seungri (Big Bang) and Krystal (f(x))
10.TaeYang (Big Bang) and HyoSung(Secret)
11.Minho (SHINee) and Hyun Ah (4Minute)

Credits to KARA thread @ Baidu for the infos

couple list no 8 made me grr ~


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